An LMRCA club


The LMRCA is full of great people and great staff. I always enjoy coming here for a drink or two.
I held a party for my husband’s 50th Birthday at the Railway Club on 25th August. We all had a great time at the party and the club was an excellent venue.
I held my Son’s 21st birthday at the LMRCA, having been recommended the venue by a friend. It was certainly the right choice. We had plenty of time to decorate the room beforehand and chairs and tables were provided for by the club.


The room was an excellent size allowing plenty of room for tables around the outside of the room, which lefts lots of room on the large dance floor. The band and DJ had a large stage to set their equipment. The room had its own private bar which meant that everyone stayed together the whole evening. The bar staff were extremely friendly and polite. It is a great venue and I will certainly be using it again in the future.

I had my 21st birthday party here in 2011. The staff were really helpful, opening up so that I could set the room up during the day. They allowed me to use the kitchen so we could do our own catering. There was enough space for a DJ, food and somewhere to dance. It was perfect. I would definitely recommend the LMRCA.